28 Mar

Travel Destinations For Good Friday Long Weekend


Fridays are always good, but there is nothing greater than a Good Friday, which is a holiday for most of us. (For the ones working on that day, it’s not too late to drop a leave application.)

It’s time you take that quarter end vacation because 3 months working without a break can get too much.

Here are some quiet travel destinations around your city for a quieter time with or without the special people in your life.

  1. Raigad – If you’re in Mumbai and have been craving some quiet time in the mountains, then this is your best bet for this month. Lush with greenery, this one speaks to your soul.
  2. Ajmer – If you’ve heard of Dargah Sharif, then this place will soothe you and give you the much-needed calm. Located in Rajasthan, it’s not that far away from Delhi.
  3. Tirupati – Known for the temples, this place has a picturesque view from wherever you are at. Close to Bangalore, it makes for a nice trip.

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