5 Apr

Time Travel To Your Childhood!


Most of us with kids now, grew up in the 80s and 90s. Those were magical times!

Our lifestyle was very different from that of our children today. Life was unimaginably different then.

In case you have forgotten let me refresh your memory for you!!

1. Internet

First and foremost internet was unheard of in most houses. Come to think of it, late 80’s and early 90’s most of us did not have land line phones, computers or even cable television so the internet was a farfetched fantasy!!

2. Music

Music wasn’t streamed or downloaded. It was heard on cassettes or for the privileged ones – CD’s. Oh all the mix tapes we would make filling it up with our current favourites and listening to it in the wee hours of the night on our walkman…

3. Birthday’s

Birthdays meant home baked cakes with chole, puris and samosas. If you were lucky you would have local potato chips up for grabs and maybe Rasna to drink! Burgers, pizzas and French fries were unheard of!!

4. Summer Holidays

Summer holidays meant a visit to your ancestral house to meet up with your cousins, it also meant tons of ice creams, mangoes and helping your grandmom make achaar!! Those yummy days!

5. Gifts

Gifts and new clothes were bought only for birthdays and maybe Diwali/Navratri or Durga Pujas. If you had been a good kid then maybe Santa Clause would be kind enough to you!!

Our childhood was so very different than our own kids. Our parents cherished us in their own way and we pamper ours in the way we know best.

6. Bags

Remember those brown rectangular bags with flaps we used to carry to school. They would get replaced once a year…well thats not the case anymore. The variety available for kids today is mind boggling

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