2 Apr

Stereotypes At Every Party!!

Cheerful girls living it up on the dance floor

So the back to back parties have died down…at least for the moment….everyone is taking a breather before the whirlwind begins again!

Now is the time to lounge around and mull over the craziness that happened night after night.

We all attended tons of do’s…some were family affairs, some were office organized and some with our close friends and their close friends who brought their close friends to your party!!

Also if you were sober enough to observe a pattern, all these parties consisted of the same type of people. Literally, you could put these people in defined categories and they would fit to the T! Let’s take a look:

The Selfie Obsessed Social Flutterby

Announcing their arrival to the party with all the air kisses and “how are you’s” without bothering for the reply and then quickly snapping up poses with everyone including the waiter! And then flooding Instagram with their obsession, these ones are the most amusing ones to observe.

The Despo/Creep

Yep every party has this one, young or old. The one whose aim in life is to target all the single girls, or even the hooked ones, and check them out all evening. They just get worse with all the alcohol in their system and a lot of times are booked a cab for and bundled home because they caused a scene!!

The Kitty Party Aunty

Her sole aim in life is to spread gossip and gather fresh one for the next party. Who is dating who, who broke up, who is up to what nonsense, they know it all. More alert than the Scotland Yard – this bunch is a treasure trove of information!!

The Brand Conscious

Flaunting what they wore, the bag they carried, the shoes they wore, the make-up they used, the perfume they bought so on and so forth, this type can mind numb you too soon. Then they move on to what you wear and the whereabouts of it before doling advice on how you should wear it! Our pro tip – shush them up by carrying the most spectacular bag to complement your outfit and reverse the equation!


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Till the next lot of parties roll around, relax, rejuvenate and keep shopping the look!!

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