10 Apr

Siblings – You can’t stay with or without them


If you haven’t grown up fighting for the remote with your brother, or stealing the last piece of chocolate from your sister, then your survival instincts aren’t as sharp as the ones who have.

On National Siblings Day, we say why siblings will always be the best of kin and the best of friends. And they’re here to stay, to borrow the dress and never give back or convince you that you’re adopted.

  1. They will always have your back – They may fight with you all the time, but no one else dares to mess with their little sibling.
  2. Sometimes, they will scare you for no reason, by hiding behind the door and catching you off-guard. But if you’re watching a horror movie with them and need protection, they will put their arms around you to make you feel protected.
  3. They will never give you your favorite chocolates upfront, but when you’re not looking, they will slide one under your pillow.
  4. They will not shower you with gifts but when time comes, they will surprise you with one that you need. Gift your sibling this cute bag, because nobody understands them better than you do.


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