23 Mar

Reasons Why You Need New Bag


A few reasons why your bag is telling you to let it go!

It’s alright; everyone places an unnatural amount of attachment to inanimate objects. When this object is a bag—emotions go through the roof! And we totally understand, hell we’re called BagTalk! But sometimes, you gotta look at things from a different perspective.

Like that bag is really dying, and you have to let go. Yep it feels like Tommy dying and all those memories associated with it can make it worse. But you know what else is living in there? Fungus, bacteria (not the probiotic kind), germs and a sense of being left behind. C’mon let it go!

Okay, still don’t believe us? Why don’t you run a little check on these following phenomena, and if even one of them is real, you know the truth. It stares at you from the bottom of the abyss. Throw it down!

Similarity breeds contempt

Does Saku-bai have the same bag (or even the same pattern)? Do the ol
d lady’s club at the park sport similar styles? Nothing wrong with having the same bag, or outfit at a party, or with someone 40 years you senior. Nothing at all.


The number of crumpled receipts, half-oozing gum strips, and random rubble is directly proportional to how much you love this bag. Because if you did, you wouldn’t have the dumping ground inside the bag. If you’re no longer looking for the dustbin, you’re not in love anymore. Breakup with the bag. (Don’t litter)

The bag is kept anywhere

If you’re not carefully avoiding the floor with it, especially in public loos—you don’t care about the bag. You also don’t care much for your health, because the bag isn’t new and doesn’t have that same…chemistry as before.

You’re checking out others…

Other bags we mean. Precious ‘productive’ time spent lusting over the newest Chanel, Gucci and other mythical creatures online. Don’t feel bad, it’s not cheating, we’re supposed to seek out newer pastures. Take a quick look at the credit card bill, and if it’s not too bad go out there and snag the bag!

Our yardsticks may not be the most scientific, but if you’re reading this blog—chances are you’ve already tasted blood. Bags are friends for life, but you need new friends too—or you’ll get bored of the existing ones!


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