11 Apr

Extraordinary Everyday Items!


Remember watching Hanna-Barbara’s Jetsons as kids? A futuristic world where robots and fantastical inventions made everyday life so easy to deal with!

With advancement in technology, we are inching closer and closer to such a life.

Innovators are taking everyday items and stepping them up to maximize their utility! Let’s take a look!

A coaster cum USB charger

A coaster that uses the warmth or cool generated by your cup of coffee of tea or glass of cold drink and transforms it into energy. Plug one end of the charger in the coaster and the other into your phone and voila! Your low battery issues are solved!

Smart Refrigerators

The new age in refrigerator tech is here!  These fridges actually keep a stock of your groceries, and are capable of self ordering items to be replaced! Some fridges are intelligent enough to create recipes with the food items stored in your fridge so you never have to rack your brains about what to cook for dinner!!!

Computerized Fabric

Wearable technology most literally! From being able to charge your phone using your very own shirt to taking the gaming experience and augmented reality to the next level, these clothing’s also known as e-skin, are taking your humble shirt/t-shirt/sweater and turning it into a controller for various electronic based activities!    

Hi – Tech Bags

Is it a bag? Is it a scooter? It’s actually both!! Imagine having to walk all that crazy distance in some of the international airports..well fear not, there exists such a handbag that actually doubles up as a scooter so you can zip right up till your terminal while having a lot of fun (and getting a lot of curious stares too!) !!!

Interested in getting yourself this cool invention, well look no further, the TBTex Cool Ped Scooter Bag is available right here at TheBagtalk, just to make life a little simpler for you!


Get the Cool Ped Scooter bag and zip away when traversing long airports. 

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