7 Apr

Know Your Beer


Summer is here and after a day of tiring yourself to death, you know what you need. A glass of beer.  Or for that matter, even in the middle of the day. Because beer is not just a drink, it is an elixir of happiness.

On National Beer Day, we tell you how to choose right when it comes to order the bubbles of happiness.

  1. Golden ales – If you like your citrus and want a hint of vanilla, then this one’s for you. But don’t confuse these with the fruit beers.
  2. Oktoberfest – Of course you’ve heard of this festival, and believe it or not it’s a drink too. It’s a full-bodied beer that is rich in taste.
  3. Porter – It is almost like a stout and it tastes like a loaf of bread. A go-to drink for the regular beer lover.
  4. Pilsner – If you want something a little sweeter, then this one’s for you. Golden in colour, it has an earthy taste.
  5. Wheat Beer – If you’ve gone to a brewery and not had Belgian Witbier then you’ve missed out on a lot. They have a fruity taste that distinguishes them from most.



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