25 Apr

How To Change Your Employee’s Life –With A Bag!


As days go by, the concept of an office is changing. The mobile office is the new buzzword, and tons of employees are part of teams, delivering results while being anywhere across the planet.

Chains, sorry, cubicles and cabins are a massive cost to the company.  To be honest—why do you need those massive corporate cells… offices anymore?

Most of us just need a laptop, phone, good internet and some electricity, and you’re set!

That’s where you’ll sit up and say, okay—where do I get my electricity and internet everywhere?

Not everyone has the luxury of being in metro cities where coffee shops, plug points, and free WiFi are ubiquitous.
What about those road warriors that go to the last miles of India, selling products, services and important news?

What about those guys that are flying or sitting in train more than they stand?

There’s an amazing invention for all you mobile officers to truly break free from your cubicles. Whether you’re sitting in a forest, or getting crushed in a Virar local—it doesn’t matter.

Work doesn’t wait for anyone, and you won’t wait for electricity.

Solar bags are going to be a game changer!

In a country like ours, which is mostly a barbeque for the year—think of the possibilities.

Multiple devices, one bag

Two phones, one iPad, one laptop, it doesn’t matter—solar bags are usually equipped with more than one USB plug point that lets you handle your mobile workstation effortlessly.

No fighting for plug points

When the sun is your plug point, you won’t be frantically searching for one. While you walk, stand, wait and get from A to B, the solar bag is constantly keeping itself charged for when you need it most. Giving a presentation? Leave it out of the window. Come back once you’re done. Voila!

It’s also a bag!

Not just your charging station, but a real bag with tons of spots, slots, zippers and compartments to bring in everything you need. Food sectors, places for files and paperwork, and most importantly dedicated compartments for your gizmos.

Not just work!

Your solar bag is great for when you finally decide to take a vacation too. Charge your phones, Bluetooth speakers, Kindles, and gizmos when travelling to beautiful destinations without worrying about battery problems.


Even you have access to plug points and electricity most of the time, by simply using the solar power whenever you can—you’re reducing your carbon footprint and emissions! In a world where every drop of clean energy makes a difference—imagine a whole office block switching to solar bags for even half their charging requirements.

Be the change you want, get more time for yourself; don’t shackle yourself to showing ‘face time’ at work. Get stuff done—wherever you are with solar bags!

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