21 Apr

He Will Be Loved

Studies say that women are more romantic in general, although probably they expect the more bigger and romantic gestures from the men in their lives. But no matter what, a little part of us would like to believe that men love being appreciated too.

So here are we, on Husband Appreciation Day with some little tricks that will make him feel loved on a just another day.

  1. Pick him up from work – Surprise him by landing up at his workplace to pick him up because how many times do you really do that? You may have to wait a little longer than you anticipated, but sometimes it’s all worth it.
  2. Write him a little love note – Before you leave work, slide a little love note under his pillow, or leave it in his car. Let him discover it himself to keep the element of surprise.
  3. Let him watch his football game – The shoptalk and rants about work can wait. You can just simply give him company when he’s watching his football, because there’s something magical and cute about his passion for these little things.
  4. Gift him this bag that will ease his life and make him the classiest man in this room. Because that’s how you both roll.


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