22 Mar

Fashion Tips For Young Girls


As kids we were quite ignorant about fashion. Also growing up in the 90s didn’t really help much since the fashion was quite shocking and horrendous to be honest!

Times have changed. Our sense of fashion came about when we were a little older, but today that’s not the case.

Like everything else kids have caught onto the world of fashion, and the fashion industry is lapping it all up and giving tweens and teens quite a few fashion goals to keep up with!

Here are tips for young girls to follow when they dress themselves:

Do not follow fashion blindly. Trends may come and go but there are some classic cuts and colours that will always remain in vogue.

When in doubt stick to jeans. During the early teen and even teenage years your body goes through various changes and you might not be comfortable wearing a lot of stuff. Jeans is always a failsafe option; wear it with a casual or formal top as per the occasion.

Since you are young, experiment with colours. There is no colour that won’t look good on you. Pastels, neons try them all. Just, avoid dark, dull and earthy colours as they can get a bit boring.

Don’t hide behind frumpy shapeless clothes just because you are self conscious of how your body is. Identify your best features and play that to your advantage. You don’t have to go over the top and look garish, you can be understated and look very presentable.

Don’t dress beyond your age. High heels and revealing clothes are not age appropriate. Young girls look better in Mary Janes and well cut and fitted clothes. There will be a time and an age to dress a little more boldly.

Make accessories your best friend. They can transform looks instantly. Scarves, jackets, boots, jewellery and even bags.

All your friends will envy you for your collection!


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