20 Apr

Cheer up your day!!


It’s Monday and the blues hit you like a truck load of bricks. But it’s not necessary that a you get the blues on a Monday specifically!

Yes life will get the better of you and everything will look lacklustre but that is no reason why you shouldn’t try and stay happy in the midst of it all.

So get up and get moving! ‘Joie de vie’ is your catchphrase!”

Wake up to happy Music!

Make yourself a playlist of all the happy numbers you can think of, from the obvious one by Pharell to Ed Sheerans “Shape of you”(im obsessed with that song), put it all in one place and play it just as you get up, dance while prepping your breakfast and by the time you’re about to head out the door you shall be a ball of sunshine, I guarantee that!

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Just a fifteen minute workout will get those endorphins up and moving. You don’t need to go to the gym, you could just do yoga or even meditate. Whatever works for you.
Switch on a sitcom or watch a stand up comedy show. Simple and obvious, your funnybone will do the work for you and all that laughter will immediately inject a dose of happiness in you.


Image Source: kmuw.org

Play with your pet

You beloved furry friend is your solace. Cuddle up, play, go for a walk with them, spend time and give them love, they will reciprocate and there is no better feeling than that!

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Image Source: kidsgoals.com

Head out and do some shopping

No therapy like retail therapy. Buy yourself that awesome handbag, or that new shirt or even a new gadget, boost your confidence by getting yourself some fab make up, or even pick up some fancy funky produce to cook that recipe you saw on tv. Happy by the thought of it? Head out then.


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A lot of our headspace seems jammed because either our house needs a deep cleaning or our almirahs are a mess or even our works station looks bomb hit. Clean up and you will see that immediately, mentally you are feeling much more relaxed and sorted.


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Make travel plans

Instagram and Pinterest your dream destination. Plan and chart out your itinerary. A little day dreaming never hurt anyone did it? Give yourself that bucket list item and work towards it; it will actually give you the drive to get through a dreary work day!


Image Source: theknot.com

Get artsy

You might not be Picasso, but there are tons of options here. Adult colouring is a rage, from floral motifs to scenery, from illustrated fiction to animals, take your pick, grab some colours and get the creative juices flowing. It is certified therapeutic!


Image Source: wendypiersall.com

Watch your favourite animated movie

Yep, a little Toy Story marathon is just what the doctor ordered!!


Image source: babble.com

Treat yourself to a good meal

It could be your favourite comfort food, or that super fancy place you’ve been dying to try out. It could also be a recipe you wanted to make an effort with, or it could just be a big slab of chocolate and a good cup of coffee/glass of wine. Happy tummy make a happy you!


Image Source: thehealthorange.com

Im already feeling happy reading about all these possibilities. What are your tips to perk up a dull day!

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