14 Apr

Beauty Hacks Straight From The Kitchen!


W spend so much money on keeping our face and skin at their best, don’t we? All those alpha hydroxy peels, diamond facials, spa visits, the pampering is great but then again do you know that you don’t need to waste so much money on all these treatments.

Sometimes the easiest way is to look in the kitchen and see what your pantry holds. You will be surprised. The best beauty treatments are done with the most natural of ingredients, in the comfort of your own home.

Here are some ingredients that I personally swear by!


Yogurt helps in maintaining both your skin and hair. Mix equal parts of yogurt with oats and apply to your face. Before washing it off wet your face and scrub and moisturize thereafter. Note that yogurt helps in de-tanning. It can also be combined with tomatoes to make for a good de-tan pack. For your hair, mix eggs with yogurt or honey with yogurt and apply. You shall be surprised at how silky and shiny your tresses have become.


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Salt is an excellent exfoliant. In fact, it is claimed that salt can help cure all kinds of diseases. Since salt has anti bacterial properties you could apply some to that irritating zit on your face, and look at it dry up and vanish! To make a good exfoliant, take some coarse sea salt, add some oil to it, maybe coconut or olive oil. You could add some essential oils as per requirement, the range goes from lavender to sandalwood to even peppermint.  Stir and add to a box, you can use it in the shower after cleansing your skin. The oil might remain once you wash the scrub off but that is a good thing since your body needs the moisturization. The other thing that you can opt for is to add coarse sea salt, some peppermint leaves, and some peppermint essential oil, or salt and sandalwood oil and store it in a jar. Add this to your bath, in hot water and soak it in. It will refresh you immediately and make you ready to take on the day.

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Eyes too puffy? Was last night a bit too much to take? Well, your eyes need some major TLC and so do you. Make yourself a cup of soothing tea, pop in two tea bags instead of one. Place the tea bags over your eyes and let it be there for the next 10 to 15 minutes. Relax and let your eye mojo be restored! There is natural caffeine in tea which helps in constricting the blood vessels and reduce the swelling.


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Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is the thing these days. It has a variety of health benefits and can be taken topically or orally. When taken orally with a glass of water it is said to restore the PH balance of the body and helps flush out all the toxins. It is also considered great for the hair. Use one part ACV with 16 ounces of water and you can also add essential oils if necessary, you can use it after shampooing by pouring the mixture over your hair and let it remain so for about a minute or two. Rinse and repeat weekly to get shiny, bouncy hair.


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Coconut Oil

A staple in every Indian household. Our hair is the way it is, shiny and radiant because of all the coconut oil that our mothers forced us to apply on our hair as kids. We used to hate it then but we see the results now! But we never did experiment with this wonderful elixir then. It not only helps tame your tresses, it also helps as a makeup remover, and the most resistant makeup doesn’t stand a chance in front of this oil. It also helps smooth chapped lips and feet. It makes for a decent shaving cream and if you have dry skin try applying it as an overnight cream and be surprised at the results.


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