How to Win the Contest?

Simply Login, Read, Share and Refer friends on TheBagTalk Connect section, to earn “ACTIONS”.

These “Actions” will take you up or down on our awesome Leaderboard.

"Hello Bagtalkers, Hope you all are having a good summer-cations out there. As always TheBagtalk brings something different for you all every month. This month the “top 5 winners” of the leader board will get a “Azura sling” from AHR range and an exclusive “TheBagtalk T-shirt”. So hurry up and get your actions high!"

What’s more, you can now easily convert your ACTIONS to CLINKS!

Action Points
Share A Blog
Refer Friends
Here are the Terms and Conditions for these activity actions!
  1. Actions collected will expire at the end of each month!
  2. The Leaderboard refreshes with your Actions and ranking every hour
  3. The user acknowledges & permits TheBagTalk to use the data & information along with profile image as desired.
  4. The user also agrees to permit TheBagTalk on permissions given across his/her social profiles.
  5. For refer a friend, the user acknowledges that he/she has the express knowledge of the friend’s name & email ID & was responsible for handing over the information to TheBagTalk.
  6. All activities related to the “Actions” without the user logging in would not earn the user any “Actions”. The user must be at all the times be logged in to avail of the Monthly Leaderboard.
  7. The user permits TheBagTalk to share the phone number, email ID, address & other such info with its Partners. The user also permits TheBagTalk to contact him/her using any electronic medium such as email, SMS, etc.
  8. Top 5 users/ members as displayed on the Leaderboard win the contest & would be eligible for the monthly contest
  9. In case of dispute, confusion or disagreement with regards to contest terms declared winners etc. the final decision belongs to TheBagTalk.
  10. TheBagTalk is not responsible for any technical glitches at the user’s end which may hamper recording of any information & thus put the user at a disadvantage with respect to recording the “Actions” accrual.
  11. Share and Earn “Actions”: Each article can be shared only once in the lifetime, for earning “Actions”
  12. The contest is applicable only to Indian residents.
  13. "Actions" can be converted to "Clinks". Once you convert your "Actions" into "Clinks", your position on Leaderboard will change.