6 Apr

A Walk To Remember


More often than not, one has to drag themselves to work, and when that happens you can be sure that it’s not a pretty sight. But there comes a time when you can make your life a little better by adding something that you like doing.

On National Walk To Work Day, we list down the reasons why you should be choosing your feet as the most reliable mode of transport.

  1. Because traffic has its cons, but walking doesn’t. Find yourself overtaking buses and cabs, and maneuver quicker through the crowd.
  2. You can get more time for yourself and give time to those thoughts in your head. Make sure your playlist is updated and some good peppy numbers can match the beat of your steps.
  3. You can make a stop at the chai stall, if you’ve missed your morning cup of tea. It’ll not only re-energize but give you the time to catch up on your social media.
  4. You get to show off your new bag as you walk down the streets, and making heads turn. Because who doesn’t like to strut with grace?


To get your new bag, click here.


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