29 Mar

5 Types Of Characters You’ll Meet When Shopping


Whenever you’re out shopping, we can assure you that these kinds of people will always be lurking around.

In fact we think they’ve become so important to the shopping ecosystem – that people won’t enjoy that odd feeling when you get out to buy something.

Some worse than the others we all know at least one of these people:

Bargain Baby

These guys and girls were driving their discount hunger five hundred years before the online flash sales came to the market. MRP is just for show to these people, they’ll sacrifice time, energy, breath and other small animals till the shopkeeper crashes on their feet and practically begs them take the product. They will also make sure to update their friends when they got that tiny purse for 15 bucks lesser than MRP.

Sad boyfriend/husband

There are two types of furniture in a shop. The chair and the man sitting on it. Both do not move, both look like they’ve been there too long. Often slurping with a finished can of cola, or staring at their screens hypnotically. This creature is trained for one or two things. First: to raise their head, look at the wife/girlfriend’s choice. Nod in approval or smile widely and say WOW! Secondly (the part they love best) –is to run outside the store, only to be corralled into the payment line. Dementors and cashiers are the same for these guys.

The Elbow Basher

Some people have elbows so that they may extend their arms. Some of them have evolved to get sharper elbows so that navigating crowded stores can become easier. These are usually the older variety but these days razor-bladed elbows are being discovered in younger people too. Sudden and intense pain may occur to you if you dared to go pick that last pink bag on the rack, or sometimes just a bottle of mayo.

Texting beauty

This character doesn’t really come to shop. But will find the most uncomfortable places to stand when you’re trying to buy a bag and get out of there. Usually glued to their phone—either texting people about shopping or Instagramming them, they have naturally blinded themselves to oncoming traffic. Shopkeepers would save a lot of money on mannequins if they put their texting beauties to work.

The Bulk Shopper

These guys are either too rich or shopping once every 10 years. Stores have known to run out of bags after one or two of these passes through. If you’re behind them in the cashier line, you should ask them for camping money. Half the Bangladeshi economy will flow those tills on the day these characters pass by. Best way to tackle them is to drop something from your bag before them and say, ‘Oh my, that would look wonderful on you—I think you should buy it, its right at the back of the store!”

Tell us about the kind of characters you meet while shopping, tag your friends who are these characters, and get them on TheBagTalk train!


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