12 Mar

Working Woman And Her Challenges

women work

A few years back there was a huge uproar on the reservation of women. A lot of people asked that why should women be given the edge when we are talking about equality. But, the level playing field was never the same.

And the challenges that women have had to face to rise from patriarchy are an individual and personal journey in itself.

On International Working Women’s Day, we empathize and help one another grow by trying to achieve and striving for equality. And for that we need to understand the background of a lot of women who maybe Directors and Managers in their own capacity, but to reach there they had to climb a lot of mountains.

A lot of women, even today, don’t get the same education that they are entitled to because their parents’ aim is to get them marriage ready. The level playing field then takes a hit because they have to walk the extra mile to fight and rebel for equal opportunities.

So, before we pull a woman down for trying hard, let’s not forget that she had to try harder to reach where she is now.

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