31 Jan

#WinterHasGone – Kill Your Winter Hangover

If you’re dreading the excessive humidity, the scorching heat of the sun and the increased pollution for the rest of the year, then you’ve already left your winter mode.

Spring will fly by in a flash and while a wise man once said, ‘When winter comes, can Spring be far behind?’ many a wise man knows that it is followed by the much scary summer.

So, here’s how you can make winter last a little longer –

  1. Surrender yourself to the winter fruits and vegetables – The gardens may be blooming more than ever, but so does your kitchen. Indulge in all the oranges and cauliflowers that you won’t get in the coming months.
  2. Go for camping – The night sky is clearest during winter and who doesn’t want to gaze at the stars and have wind play with their hair when they’re out camping?
  3. Don’t let go off the blankets – Even if you have to crank up the speed of the fan a notch or switch on the AC, don’t let go off the blankets.

Pro-tip: Sleep with one leg out and voila! You’ll have the perfect temperature.

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