29 Dec

Winter Heritage Walk – Kolkata


Welcome to the City of Joy.  The Christmas season is indeed the best time to explore this multifaceted city. From a rich and diverse history of its own; to the layers that have been added by the influx of everyone from the Marwaris to the Chinese. Everyone has made Kolkata their own.

This city has fascinating stories to tell you and exotic sights to show you. Come be a part of an experience that is Kolkata!

Here are some walks that you need to go on to understand a little more about this beautiful place.

The White Town Walk

Kolkata was once the Colonial Capital of India. Explore British Calcutta, from The General Post Office to Dalhousie Square from Grand Eastern Hotel to Esplanade, New Market and then onwards to Park Street. Check out Eden Gardens and also Princep Ghat, take a boat ride along the Hoogly while you are at it!


Image Source: flickr.com

Chitpore Road Walk

Shovabazar is where Kolkata started from. It is older than any other settlement in the geographical premise of present day Kolkata. Here establishments are older than you can imagine. Ancestral homes of names that you might have read in history books are located here. Rabindranath Tagores birthplace- Jorasanko is nestled in the bylanes.
At the end of Chitpore Road is Kumartuli where generations after generations artisans have made the idols for Durga Puja, a must see. Pro Tip – steer clear of the Trams and hand pulled rickshaws while you are on the road!

The Cultural Walk

Start off with an early morning breakfast at Tiretti Bazaar where the Kolkata Chinese community puts on display all their traditional breakfast items. Move onto Bow Barracks that house the Anglo Indians to Burra Bazaar that is the trading hub of Kolkata with the Kolkata Marwari having a stronghold here. Don’t miss out on taking a peek at the Synagogue which is maintained by the few Armenian Jews left in the city.

The Spooky Trail

Given the history and the richness of Kolkata, there ought to be more than a few haunted spots in the city. Trails are organized at night taking the brave hearted on a search for some ghosts and some more. Daring you to venture into some of Kolkata’s most haunted spots such as the National Library or the Putul Bari, this does make for an interesting walk. In case you are looking for something a little more tame, try the Cemetery walks that are organized in the daytime!

Kolkata is also famous for its shopping and sweets, so make sure you carry a bit of everything that this city has to offer!

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