17 Jan

Winter Dressing – Choose Your Attire Based On Your City


One of the most unique things about nature is how effortlessly and beautifully one season flow into another. Maybe what is more wondrous is how the same season affects every area differently.

If you look around you or talk to your friends living elsewhere, you’d know how every city gets presented a winter of their own.

Here’s a guide to your winter essentials based on your city that’ll keep you comfortable, warm and beguiling.


Image Source: lindsaywoodward.com


Whether it’s smog or fog, you’ll need protection from the harshness that only winter can bring in the capital city. Wear a contrasting faux fur jacket that will feel like a hug in itself.


Turtleneck tops look so smart and chic and you don’t even need to hide it under baggy sweaters because Mumbai weather is the mellowest winter.


A sleeveless full zip hoody sweatshirt is all you need to make heads turn this winter.

No matter which city you are in, go full on with this bag that looks good with anything that the winter will throw at you.

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