3 Feb

Why You Should Start Your Day With Ice-Cream

Ice Cream Almond


When the entire world is turning upside down with a thousand innovations and more, we take the changes in our stride and make some that will do more good than harm. If desserts are a sweet end to a day, who says it can’t make for an equally sweet beginning too?


On Eat Ice-Cream For Breakfast Day, we give our sweet tooth the sweetest surprise in the morning and here are the reasons why.

  1. Mornings are not the most anticipated part of the day, because well you’ve have a long list of to-dos and deadlines to chase. So might as well, give the body and mind something wonderful to look forward to.
  2. It breaks the routine of the same old healthy breakfast that kids want to skip and adults only eat to set an example. A little break will help you come back to your timetable with more vigor.
  3. It helps you in celebrating the little joys because as a cherry on top, you not only add chocolate sprinkles but also a sprinkle of positivity.

Take your kids out on an ice-cream breakfast trip this Saturday.  Let your kids carry their smiles on their backs.


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