11 Feb

Why You Should Continue Making Friends  



Friends come in different baskets packed with love and knotted with pretty ribbons. Whether it’s your school, college or work friends they know and interact with you differently. Your equations with all of them are varied.

But after you reach your first stage of mid-life (crisis?), what hits you is that you’ve almost developed a comfort zone of a shell where you’re not that receptive to socializing anymore. But here are the whys and hows of making new friends on Make A Friend Day.

  1.  The more new friends you make the more you’re opening yourself up to newer perspectives, newer opportunities to connect and overall broadening of general views.
  2. You’re putting your social skills to test by having a healthy exercise of getting to know more people.
  3. You’re learning how to be approachable and accessible without being pushy. You get to understand and develop your personality to be a more friendly person.
  4. Your evenings are not just about scrolling lazily on your social media. You can have common interests with your new friends and visit museums, sports bars or even hit the gym

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