18 Feb

Why A Random Act Of Kindness Goes A Long Way

In an idealistic world, people would be nice to each other for no selfish reason. But more often than not, things haven’t been working out that way in this world. Empathy hasn’t been our strong suit.

And that’s why on Random Act Of Kindness Day; we take some time off to intentionally be kinder and more generous to catch someone by surprise. Here are a few ways you can do so.

  1. Cook for someone – Nothing spells out love louder than taking the time to cook for someone because a lot of thought goes behind it. Don your chef’s hat and get cooking with the ingredients of love.
  2. Help someone with their errands – From grocery shopping to doing laundry, our lists are usually endless. Help someone out by running their errands and let them take the day off.
  3. Book a salon appointment – Nothing washes the tiredness of the week away than a good spa appointment to indulge in and get pampered. Make someone’s week by booking him or her an appointment.
  4. Gift your loved one this elegant bag that will make them the talking point of the party.

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