16 Jan

When A Necessity Turns Into An Addiction


The other day, while I was walking back from work, I rammed into a kid in a football jersey, because he had his nose buried in his phone. While I wondered what it could be that is more important than watching his step, I absent-mindedly received my mother’s call while crossing the road.

Here’s my confession – I know it could’ve waited just how my Insta Story of my food in the restaurant could’ve waited while my best friend was ranting about her frustrating experience at work.


Image Source: justmedia.com

It could’ve waited just how my boss could’ve waited to reach office before replying to his messages while driving.

We don’t care about phone etiquettes anymore because it’s almost like there are no etiquettes involved.  No rules and restrictions attached. The only reason why you don’t use your phone in a meeting is because you’re allowed not to.

But, since when did virtual conversations become more important than the real ones? Don’t you miss the slight nod, the wrinkly smile, and the crinkle of the nose, the eloquent eyes – basically the entire concept of body language?

Keep that phone aside for a while and relive what you’re missing out on.


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