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What’s your Luggage gonna be, Hard or Soft?


You are traveling. Again. You’ll be doing it soon again.

What’re you carrying? Are you the sort that crams several babies and a cow inside your little cabin luggage because you hate the idea of a check-in process? Or do you shamelessly pack as many large bags as allowed—sometimes even paying a little more the extra kgs?

Well to think of it, the guys holding on to their apprehensions about check-in processes could be on to something.

I mean,

Everybody knows by now that your luggage goes through hell right? Once it’s placed carefully on the carousel in front of you—that’s like leaving your child off in a fun fair with demented clowns on the prowl. The moment it disappears behind the plastic curtains—the horror ride starts.

Baggage handlers are usually frustrated people—for reasons best known to them. But they’d be better suited to applying their chucking skills in an Olympic sport instead of our baggage.

God forbid if the bag’s got a FRAGILE sticker on it. It is the mortal enemy of the baggage handler! Be rest assured—your bag will be dropped, smacked and chucked around harder with that sign on it. As it were a WANTED poster.

Once the baggage handlers have had their share of fun, you’ve got to worry about losing the luggage! Or having stuff nicked off it. You were smart enough to lock the bag, but where did you keep the keys—oh yes, the front pocket.

You’d be surprised to see the highest baggage theft airports of the world! Dulles, USA; Charles de Gaulle, Paris! So nope, you’re not that safe in the ‘developed world’ either.

So the kind of bag you choose makes all the difference! Usually it boils doing to the two common decisions to make below!

Hard or soft luggage?9

Hard is usually always preferable! It won’t have any zips for keys and candy, and will protect the insides much better than soft luggage. It’s also virtually waterproof! But it’s obviously going to be heavier, non-expandable (soft luggage users love this!), and will show wear and tear much faster.

But soft doesn’t need to be shunned for that. If all you’re carrying is clothes, and stuff that can’t be damaged by shock—a lighter soft bag with space to fit in some duty free shopping usually works like a charm. There are some people who travel light (usually to China or Bangkok) but come back with a year’s supply of shopping. Soft luggage’s expandability is your best friend here.

Other than that, there’s a host of different ways in which you can keep a track of your luggage and prepare with for the horror carousel!

  • RFID Chips (so cheap on Amazon these days)
  • Tile Trackers (expensive, Bluetooth–but boy does it work beautifully!)
  • Good old sticker with clear name and address (sometimes it’s just human error and clear identity of the owner helps it get home quicker!)
  • Duct tape (stick is across the gaps and zips, it’s difficult for anyone to get it off–including you)
  • Luggage protectors (simple, clear plastic, cheap and keeps most of the rain out).

So enjoy the travels. While not thinking too much about your luggage. It’s can handle the big bag world!

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