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Valuable Tips for Every 20 Something!

Valuable Tips for Every 20 Something

Mid life crisis was a term that surfaced during our parent’s generation. The service class, working and slogging away, responsibilities towards everyone in their life, they hit rock bottom sometime during their 40s or so. These days such breakdowns have advanced in years thanks to so many factors in and around and quarter life crisis is the new mid life crisis.

20 year olds need to reassess their lives and get their priorities straight, they need to refocus and get their direction to point to the north of things.

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Sometimes there are a few pointers that 20 somethings need to be reminded of:

First and foremost what others have to say about you shouldn’t matter

 You will never achieve your true potential if you stay in the shadows of the opinion of the society. Be bold, carve out your own path and do your own thing if that’s what you have to.


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Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up

Believe it or not these are the best years of your life. Carefree and footloose. A lot of you may be in a job and therefore financially independent too. Enjoy that. Spend on yourself, pamper yourself and when the time is right settle down. When you think the time is right. Your health is on your side, your body is in the best possible shape and if not then bring it to its healthiest best since your metabolism is just gonna slow down after this. Make the most of this decade.


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Don’t be rigid in your thoughts

You might have grown up with fixed ideas and ideals but learn that there are a million different ways to think about one thing, so be flexible. Everyone has an opinion and there is no right or wrong way to look at something, we are all entitled to our thoughts so respect that. Think for yourself and form your own opinions. Don’t follow the crowd.


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Try new things and meet new people

 Always wanted to learn how to play the violin or bake some super cakes, well go ahead. Nothing is stopping you. Again, now is the time, no responsibilities, no pressures except for the workplace kind, so pursue your dreams. Make new friends. Yes we might have grown up with one set of friends and cannot think beyond them, but you will be surprised how much your horizon expands when you spend time with new people who bring a fresh perspective to life.


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Appreciate your parents

Most of the previous decade was spent in fighting and rebelling against our parents. Now that you are out of that scene, remember that they are your cheerleaders, your support system, the only duo who will stand by you when all odds are down. Be their best friend and enjoy the reciprocity.


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