5 Sep

Unusual Wallet Residents


A woman needs just but a small amount of space and she can max the hell out of it!

A wallet is no different; it’s not used only to stash cash and cards, but at times a lot more than that!

Here are some unusual finds that you might discover while rumagging through a wallet:

Old Movie Tickets

It could be from that memorable first date or simply a piece of paper that she forgets to discard. Whatever the reason, it’s lying there for eons and will do so!

Small foldable scissors

It’s actually a great idea to keep one! Not only to snip off stuff at a moment’s notice but it doubles up as a weapon of self defence too!

Unusual Coins

For some people it is a lucky coin, for others a foreign currency coin (makes you feel like a numismatist-also a good conversation starter) or it could be that ancient out of circulation coin that you hold on for nostalgia purpose!

Squashed Sauce Sachet

Come on don’t roll your eyes! We are all guilty of asking for extra sauce sachet at a fast food joint! You need emergency ammunition when you’re stuck with a boring meal!!

Wedding Ring

The less mentioned, the better! Whatever be the circumstance, let’s hope its slipped on before getting home.

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