17 Mar

Travelling With Kids Made Easy – Part 2


Travelling with children is difficult, here’s how to make it simple and easy! Here’s Part 2!

Now that all your bags are packed and you are feeling fairly confident of travelling with your minions, there are a few more things that you need to do before you get set and jet.

Here are some more to do’s to ensure that you have all your grounds covered and the holiday is super smooth.


Visit the paediatrician before travelling.

Check up on necessary vaccines and get a list of all the emergency meds that you may possibly need. Also in your first aid kit, keep thermometers, nail clippers, band aids, any antiseptic ointment and petroleum jelly for sure.


Omage Source: texaschildrensblog.org

Pack dishwashing soap and some detergent powder to clean the kid’s sippy cups, bottles and soiled clothes.

Keep the children’s soap and shampoo, you never know what the hotel will provide and if it will suit the child.


Image Source: goldshovel.weebly.com

Check your passports

Very important, in case of international travel check the validity of your passport and the kids passports as well and get them renewed if the need be so. Also ensure that you have ID’s for everyone, make copies if required.

Make sure that all your debit and credit cards are in place.

Make scanned versions of all your important documents and keep a copy in your phone or hand held device.


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Carry a stroller and a comfortable baby carrier for your infant. Very useful while travelling and while sight seeing. The baby is comfortable in it and it makes all the difference when you are trying to juggle between handling the kids and the luggage at the same time.


Image Sorce: seatmaestro.com

Make a list of all the things that you may need to grab on your way out last minute. There might be many a items such as phone charger, bottle of water, sandwiches etc that will go in at the last minute, to save the agony of forgetting anything, make a list before hand, also include things like checking if all the lights and fans are turned off, check the gas connection, if all doors and windows are shut etc.

Pre book your living arrangements at your destination.

Don’t leave it to chance. While travelling with kids it is recommended that you book apartments rather than hotel rooms. Gives you the space and the freedom firstly. Secondly, very convenient with small children in case you need to prepare meals for them and wash their clothes etc. which can become troublesome and also expensive to do via the hotel.

pre book

Image Source: economist.com

In case you stay at a hotel, ensure beforehand that they have a crib for the baby. Many hotels do, it’s better that everyone sleeps comfortably on a vacation instead of having to fight it out on one bed.

Load your phone or tab with apps that the kids like, will make the travel easier and lighter. You won’t have to lug around too many toys or books to keep them busy during the journey, you could even load their favourite movies to ensure that they are engrossed for at least an hour or two and you can catch a few winks then.


Image Source: telegraph.co.uk

While at the airport, don’t rush to board the flight. Kids and planes are not a great combination to start with, actually kids and enclosed spaces in general, why torture yourself and them by going even that ten or fifteen minutes ahead. Let them run around and stretch their legs before the ordeal starts. I recommend that you go at the last call. It will be the flight attendants headache to place your in cabin luggage if you don’t get space and they will retrieve your bag mid flight if you need it.


Image Source: absn.tk

If the kids are old enough, brief them of safety, within the flight and when you reach your destination. Toddlers have a tendency to wander off when you are distracted at the airport or shopping for souvenirs or just about any time that they feel like, so you need to be extra careful, if possible use a permanent marker and write your phone number on the arms. I would recommend a leash though a lot of people find that very inhumanly, it’s better to be safe than sorry though. You get kids bag packs these days with leash attached to camouflage the torture and make the whole system look a bit more fun!

Don’t bother carrying your fancy DSLR cameras. With kids you can do without the extra hand luggage. Also while managing the tykes at a new place you will hardly get the time to click artistic pictures. Invest in a good camera phone and capture all the memories in there, you always have tons of photo apps to make them look even better. If you must, get yourself an economical digital camera at the most. If your kids are old enough to click pics get them kid’s camera, you will have great memories that too from the kids’ perspective.


Image Source: digitalpicturezone.com

Make a flexible plan of what all you need to cover during the vacation. Keep enough time at hand so that the kids don’t get over tired and as a result fall ill. Also check what are the off days for spots you wish to visit, many museums for e.g. are shut on Mondays so call or check online before planning the itinerary.


So that about covers it! Happy vacationing with the family, enjoy a lot and make memories for a lifetime!


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