16 Mar

Travelling With Kids Made Easy – Part 1


Travelling with children is difficult, here’s how to make it simple and easy!

Travelling with kids can be as exciting or as harrowing as you make it.

Kids are like chickens let out of the coop, when on a holiday! The key to a smooth start, during and end to a family vacation is planning. Pick up your diary and start a list well in advance. I usually start mine 2 weeks prior and keep adding whatever I remember. Make two separate lists, one for items to carry and the other for miscellaneous planning like booking rooms, cars, doing a recce of venues to visit etc.

Let’s take a look at what all you might need while travelling with small children and how to systematically go about it.


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While making you items to carry” list, keep marking the location of the item so that you aren’t stuck running around like a headless chicken in the last moment( e.g. baby’s blue cardigan – small black suitcase under the bed…get the drift..). The other alternative is to identify which bags you plan to carry, place them near hand and keep dumping stuff as and when you remember, then give it a final proper packing before you depart.


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Pack factoring in all kinds of weather conditions.

You might have done your weather homework and the chart says it is going to be sunny throughout, but then you don’t want to be caught in the middle of a freak thunderstorm and two soaking kids! Always carry an all weather jacket for the kids and the adults too. A light cardigan, the flight or the hotel room could always get too cold for comfort and make sure everyone has sturdy footwear that won’t get ruined come hailstorm or sunshine. Oh and for sure pack everyone’s swimsuit.


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Ensure each kid has their own check in luggage and bag pack.

This saves the pain of rummaging through common bags to retrieve each child’s clothes and essentials. A bag pack each will ease the pressure of you having to carry their knick knacks in your own bag.

It will also give them a “grown-up” feel and make them responsible towards their own things. Fill their bag packs with their individual snacks, a set of clothes, a light blanket each, one or two toys to keep them entertained during the flight and their colouring books with crayons or story books, if they can read on their own. Also make a list of where you keep what in case you forget or need something urgently.


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Keep extra diapers. Always keep extra diapers in your handbag. If you have an infant you for sure will, if you have a potty trained toddler then it applies for them as well. You don’t want to be stuck in a flight facing turbulence and your toddler screaming his or her head off wanting to go to the loo! Just be on the safe and easier side and make them wear pull ups for the journey. Having said that don’t fill up your luggage with diapers, your destination will have stores selling them!

Wipes, hand sanitizers and bug repellents.

The holy trinity when it comes to kids. Wipes will come to your rescue from wiping bums to wiping the tray table when the kids spill their juice all over it, to the little ones hand when he decides to go off for a crawl all over the plane! Always keep one pack of wipes in your handbag and one in your luggage.
Sanitizer, since you can never be too sure of just how clean those paws are….and they never are…! Repellents-since every new place their own exotic home grown breed of bugs you need to keep the kids safe from.


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If your infant is on some specific diet or on formula milk, carry extra tins. Also carry one tin of milk and extra bottles in hand so that you have enough stash for the journey.


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Carry plastic bags to keep wet or soiled clothes or even dirty diapers, till you can dispose them off.

More to come in Part 2! Watch out for it tomorrow!

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