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Top TV Shows Of All Time!!


So if I say that Roadies is my favourite television show, which it is, it’ll just be plain partial, wont it? I mean the show made me who I am, and now I make the show what it is, so the mutual love is but obvious!! But on a more serious note, there are other shows that I watch, so let me tell you about them.

I like watching hard hitting dramas on television, and there are a few past and present shows which tick all the correct boxes for me.

Here is a list of some of my must sees:

Sons of Anarchy

Kurt Sutter created a masterpiece for sure! It follows the lives of a close knit outlawed motorcycle gang and the protagonist who is the president of the gang – Jax. The plot entwines between the personal life of Jax and the activities of the motorcycle gang. The gang is involved in both legal and illegal businesses in a small town in California. Recurring themes of corruption, racism, drug abuse and gang related crimes; it makes for one interesting watch!


Image Source : ew.com

The Sopranos

This HBO show is one of the best shows ever. This show too centres around a leader who is in charge of an illegal organization. The fights and the internal dynamics of that organization along with the protagonist managing his own personal struggles. James Gandolfini pulled off Tony Soprano to the T, what an amazing performance on his part!! With smart writing and great narration, this show is deep and complicated but a treat to binge watch!


Image Source: tvtropes.org

Breaking Bad

Ok so it’s a toss-up between this one and the Sopranos, on which gets the award for the best television show in the history of television. I for one cannot make up my mind. A lead character who delves into murky waters while stepping outside the law and conducting his business. The protagonist, Walter White who is a high school chemistry teacher, beings to make and sell methamphetamines when he realises he has limited time due to cancer spreading in his body. To earn and stash enough so that his family can sustain once he is gone, he goes down this dangerous path with an old student in tow. Once he tastes success his vision becomes more and more clouded, it is a critically acclaimed show and Bryan Cranston has done more than justice to his role.


Image Source: washingtonpost.com


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A very underrated television show, but sheer brilliance I would say. Named after the town it is set in, it follows the story of an ex con who assumes the identity of the towns murdered sherrif to hide from a crime lord who wants to seek him out. In the process this con imposes his own brand of justice on the town while trying to keep up with his own past involving crime. It also centres around his reconciliation with his ex lover who herself is now living under a false identity. Complicated, dark and very interesting, a must see for sure!


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Game of Thrones

How could I have missed on this one! A fantasy drama adapted from George R.R. Martin’s books, this show has several plots and cast members and can get complicated if you don’t follow it closely, but the gist of it all is, there are seven kingdoms who are fighting to claim the succession to the Iron Throne whereas there are other families who seek independence from that very Throne. Add to this the sinister forces that lurk beyond the Wall in the North. Power and violence are the central themes of the show. This show has gathered record viewership all over the world and for a good reason so, it is super addictive!!


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These were my top go to shows. Do write in and tell me about yours!

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