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Top Monsoon Getaways From Mumbai

5 weekend getaway around Mumbai

The monsoons are upon us and there urge to take out the bike and go zooming off to some lush green place is inevitable. To feel the cool breeze and the small drops of rain on your face, nothing could be more refreshing!

Thankfully Mumbai is surrounded by the Western Ghats, which is dotted with some beautiful spots to visit. There are quite a few monsoon getaways at a stone's throw and I highly recommend that you take time out to visit them.

Here are my top picks:


Settled in the Sahyadri Range and with the Amba River flowing through, this place spells tranquillity and peace. There are quite a few waterfalls and come monsoons some new ones emerge. You can trek through the falls and the woods. Durshet also offers activities such as river crossing, rappelling, rock climbing etc.


Image Source: traveltriangle.com

Lohagarh Fort

Located near Pune, this is one of the hill forts of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. At the entrance is the Wind Spot where the winds are so strong that you need to stay strong from getting blown over!! A perfect blend of fun, history, and adventure, this place offers great trekking trails and once on top, the view is breathtaking!


Image Source: treksandtrails.com

Mulshi Dam

Built on the Mula River, the Mulshi Dam is a pleasant drive out of Mumbai. It is one of Mumbai’s main electricity generator. The dam flows in full force during monsoons and is a sight to behold. The place is full of clouds and fog and is a beautiful and dreamy place to be in.


Image Source: wikimapia.com


Also known as Maharashtra’s mini-Kashmir, a beautiful and peaceful spot. Lush greenery of the Sahayadri Range surrounds it, small villages and tucked away little spots make this a tourist favorite. It overlooks the Koyna Dam and the Shivsagar Lake. The backdrop and beautiful locales of this place make it a favorite of photographers.


Image Source: Pune99.com


The latest entrant, Lavasa is a picturesque and stunning spot, perfect for a family getaway or even a romantic sojourn. It has been made to reflect a small Italian town and in fact, emulates the buildings and pebbled streets found in Italy. With a breathtaking view of the hills covered in mist and the variety of options in terms of places to visit, this one is a must visit for sure!


Image Source: lavasa.com

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