4 Sep

Time To Go Green This Festive Season


The holiday season is upon us and preparations are underway. So much to do and so much to put together, from your own outfit and look, to getting gifts for everyone else and planning all those amazing parties!! Tiring but so much fun!

With the holiday season comes the urge to get the best bargains and cheapest deals, but in all of this don’t forget that whatever you do, try and be eco friendly and conscious of the environment.

Shop with awareness. When you go out, make it a point to carry your own shopping bag, plastic bags are a big no-no, you could invest in a smart eco friendly tote that can suffice as your carryall.

While gifting, opt for newspaper wrappings or homemade wrapping papers. Even better, gift the item in a small paper bag or maybe even cloth bag that people can use again.

Infact when at a loss for ideas on what to gift, go green! There are so many eco friendly options and environment friendly bags are one of them. From vegan and organic bags, to bags made of cloth or jute, to even bags that are dyed using eco friendly vegetable dyes! The variety and options are endless and this way you will definitely stand out from the crowd!

Smart and cheeky this bag will be a conversation starter for sure!


Give your style a major boost, the eco friendly way, with this bag by Pulpypapaya.


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