14 Feb

#ThisValentine’sDay Break up with the job that makes you unhappy

breakup work

Most of the times, your job is like your relationship and sometimes, it becomes abusive without you realizing so, because it’s a gradual development from the honeymoon period to everyday whiplashes of nightmare.

So, the idea is to recognize the symptoms of unhealthy work environment. Now, job satisfaction is almost a myth and work stress is almost part of your job, sometimes it helps you to even take off when you’re slacking or lagging behind. But if it’s taking over your life, making you distressed and making you cranky even after you’ve left work, then there’s a problem.

Your employers might sometimes surprise you with a sudden promotion or a pay hike for the sake of it but that is how the captor makes its captive stay.  Why else would you stay on when humiliation has become a part of your routine? It’s easy to get swayed by temporary returns but you need to weigh whether the burden on your emotions is worth taking it on everyday

Because there are avenues that you haven’t even discovered yet but are waiting to be tread on. New jobs can give you a clean slate. Because before you’re employees, you’re most importantly humans.

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