8 Jan

This Winter, Go Big With These Fresh Styles & Colours


If you haven’t been sucked into the vacuum of online shopping and its attractive discounts yet, congratulations. You’ve immense self-control. Winter is the time of clearance fashion sale and republic day sale.

Keeping aside the commercial discussions on this, it’s also time for laymen like us to stock up for the year.

So what are we looking at in the first month of the year and how are we starting the trend?

 1. Tweed coat

Yes. It sounds fancy and like it is straight out of a novel but trust me, the fabric keeps you warm and totally in style.

2. Camouflage

This is the style of the season with the print on t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants and even hoodies. While this is making its presence unmissable, we haven’t missed the irony.

3. Cotton sleeveless jackets

This is for the places with milder winter. Stand out in red with these jackets that have made a comeback and how!

4. Clutch

This work of art is also a work of bling and it’s time to make the temperatures rise with this little diva in itself.


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