4 Aug

The Rakhi Of My Childhood!

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This festival is such that whichever part of the world you might be, your heart is back home with your sister, or wherever she may be. You get nostalgic about everything that reminds you of your childhood, of your life at home, of the games you used to play and fights you used to have and you yearn for it desperately.

Apart from all the love you tend to miss the pampering too! Your favorite food is made, so so many sweets all over the table, get together's with all the other cousins who have been busy otherwise throughout the year and the never ending chit chat sessions!

Let me share some of my rakhi memories with you, and I am sure they will resonate with you as well!

My first and foremost memories are the whole brouhahas over Rakhi at school! Guys would be terrified about getting bro-zoned by girls they thought they had a chance with! What if that really cute girl you had a crush on decided to tie you a Rakhi, how will you avoid that? Most of the times, we would feign illness and either be absent or bunk school around this time so that we don’t get bro-zoned unnecessarily!!

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The time when we were kids and the get together used to be about all our funny and embarrassing childhood stories! Our parents would and still join in and give in snippets of who did what and which sibling actually started the fight and who broke whose tooth! In fact the embarrassment doesn’t stop till they pull out that picture of yours as a toddler when you are in your birthday suit or dressed up as a girl!!


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Rakhi meant kurta pajama day! Either wear last year Diwali’s set or get yourself a new one if you’ve grown taller! Rakhi also meant looking like a “daaku” with the longest tikka on your forehead and feeling invincible about it!

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All those sweets! Oh my god! The mithai barrage wouldn’t and doesn’t stop and secretly you don’t wish for it to either! After the customary rakhi ceremony, your sister makes sure that she stuffs all the possible sweets on the thali in your mouth and you have no choice but to swallow it quietly! God forbid if you have more sisters than the sweets on the thali!! You probably won’t wander near a mithai shop for the next six months!!!


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Rakhi also means all the chocolates in the world! Let’s face it as kids we were not as innovative on gifts, were we? Either we gifted home made stuff or we followed the bombardment of all the advertisements and exchanged all those pre packaged chocolate gift boxes. Well, the fridge would overflow and sometimes mom would even sneak in a bar or two in our school bag…aah, the bliss!

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Those are some of my best Rakhi memories from days bygone…..write to us with your memories that you have of those amazing Rakhi celebrations!!

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