15 Mar

The Perfect Packing List for Bridezilla


With d-day around the corner the bride is always a bundle of nerves!

So much to do, so much to keep track of and so much to pack!

The process can get very overwhelming and even though you might have a designated aide-de-camp in the form of a sister or a best friend, it is recommended that you stash some essentials in your bag prior to the whole hullabaloo so that you are a tad bit relaxed about the wedding day.

Many a times you suddenly require something out of the blue and then not only are you stressing yourself over the absence of that thing but also making your entourage run all over town to procure it! To start off with, chose a small clutch or evening bag that you shall have on you at all times during the event.

Use that to keep your phone, a few tissues, a small pack of wet wipes, a compact and your lipstick for touch up purposes. Now chose a bigger bag preferably a tote to stash the rest of your requirements, and please do not forget to carry it to the venue!!!! What you can stash away in there, I have listed for you below-


It is necessary that you carry your own make-up. Stuff that you are comfortable using on a regular basis. Keep your pressed powder, kajal, eyeliner, blush, mascara, eye shadow and lipstick. If you have professional make-up keep then for sure carry that. Also keep your make-up brushes and sponges, to be on the safer side. Add to the pouch lots of safety pins in all sizes, one can never have enough safety pins. Keep your everyday lotion in there, transfer it to a small one time use bottle so that you don’t have to lug around a big bottle and lastly don’t forget to keep a pot of petroleum jelly; it is a multipurpose thing to have at hand.

Make up

Image Source: timelesslisa.hubpages.com


Next on the must carry list is your essential medication. Keep a trustworthy pain reliever, pain relieving balm or spray, antacid, anti- allergic, fever meds and a all purpose medicated skin cream in case you have a cut or bruise.


Personal Hygeine

Keep a pouch which includes your facewash, a small tooth paste and a toothbrush and mouthwash. Also pack in breath mints and your goto deodorant/ deo stick.Keep your favourite perfume in a small atomizer. Lastly it is very important to keep spare sanitary napkins or tampons and panty liners.


It is a must that you keep your favourite bar of chocolate nearby. When you are freaking out nothing else can calm you down better than that. I would also recommend that you stash some extra candy incase you get an attack of the munchies while getting ready 🙂 what would really be of help is a big cup of chamomile tea or whichever other flavour that soothes your nerves, so keep a few tea bags handy.


Image Source: nutritionsecrets.com


You shall have your alternative dresses and clothes at hand, but just in case, keep a pair of undergarments handy. Yep there are many things that could go wrong and I am not elaborating on it, but trust me when I say keep one set nearby.

Bug repellent

This would be the last thing on your mind for sure. If you are having an open air wedding, this is a must.


Image Source: simplysoothing.net


Last but not the least keep a pair of flats that are coordinated with your outfit. Heels can get a bit much after a while especially if you are not used to them.


Image source: etsy.com

Guess that sort of covers the essentials. Add or subtract from the list, but do keep a goto bag for yourself, it is a life saver!

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