28 Mar

The Man Purse For Indian Men


Don’t we remember all the episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S like the back of our hand?! Well then you would recall a particular episode where Rachel helps Joey out with a little bit of an image makeover and gets him to try out a shoulder bag. He is reluctant initially but starts to like it.

When he goes for his audition and flaunts it, he is made fun of and Rachel tells him that the world isn’t ready for Joey and his bag. That was 1999. Cut to 2017, the man purse or the ‘murse’ much like the man bun and the man skirt is a hot hot super hot trend!

Recall how when Alan was made fun of in the movie Hangover and he replied ‘It’s where I keep all my things. Get a lot of compliments on this. Plus, its not a mans purse, it’s called a satchel, Indiana Jones carries one’ well damn right!! From Indiana Jones to Cristiano Ronaldo, from Jay Z to David Beckham they are all carrying the bag, call it whatever you may. And did you see Hugh Jackman carry off that Tote, if Wolverine can carry it, it is manly enough for sure!!!

When we were younger, our dads were spotted with the strait jacketed, serious briefcase. That gave way to backpacks and laptop bags and now with the advent of technology and the need to fit in smaller, and many more devices, apart from other stuff, the man purse has gained importance. So, what is it that goes into this magical bag, or rather what all should a man be carrying in his bag, lets take a look-

First and foremost your wallet, cash and cards. Need I elaborate…


Your mobile phone, your laptop, your personal device, your e- reader, your I pod. Whichever one that you own or all of them J Thankfully the satchel design has designated spaces so you can assign your devices to their place and be sure to find whatever you need, whenever you need it.


Battery backup

You carry the devices of the world and no battery backup for when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere…. nopes. Always a fully charged backup and a multiplug USB cord to attach it to whichever device requires it.


Image Source: kadvacorp.com


Again paraphernalia to your device, when you want to listen to music or watch a movie or simply go hands free on a call. You got to have a decent pair tucked in there.


Image Source: gadgets.ndtv.com

USB drive

Data backup, hello! Never leave the house without one.


Image Source: techregar.com

A small notepad or journal

If you are the more paper pen type and don’t want to jot your to-dos or musings on an app on your device then make sure you have a decent little journal tucked in there. A pen too while you are at it.


Image Source: etsy.com

Tissues/Wet Tissues

Yes you need them. Not just for when you have a cold and a runny nose. There are a million reasons why tissues feature in the “must keep in bag” list. So just listen to the expert.


Image Source: Something Turquoise

Breath mints/freshener

Your coffee leaves your mouth feeling stale, or that important meeting just post a cigarette break, let the mints save your day then.

Image Source: rantnow.com

An umbrella or a rain jacket

If you can then you must tuck in something to combat the sudden downpours, predicted at all of course. And carry a plastic cover for the umbrella or jacket, you don’t want the rest of the stuff in your purse getting all damp and wet if you decide to stash it back after use.

rain cover

Image Source: permaculture.co.uk

Snacks and water

A small bottle of water and a packet of easy eats, like maybe cookies or nuts. Something to help you ease of the sudden hunger pangs before you can get your hand on something substantial.


Image Source: tupperware.com

That seems like just about it, doesn’t it. Those were the basics and you could always add or subtract. I can hear all the wives and girlfriends thanking their stars for the ‘murse’ now they won’t have to carry all the extra stuff in their purses since their other halves have one for themselves!!

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