11 Oct

The Magical World Of Flea Markets!!


While malls maybe taking over the shopping landscape, it cannot replace the individuality and uniqueness of flea markets.

India is heaven for shopaholics and flea markets are just the place to satiate the craving!!

Here are some of the top places where you can grab a steal!

Janpath, New Delhi

Located centrally right across from Connaught Place; this market is always bustling with localities as well as tourists! From shoes to decorative pieces, from ethnic clothes to antiques just about everything you can imagine is on sale here! You just cannot leave without a few bags in hand!

Saturday Night Market, Goa

The night market at Arpora on Saturdays is probably more sought after than the Saturday night parties! You can pick up jewellery, clothes, handicrafts and even second hand items sold by tourists who need money to head back home!!!

Jew Market, Cochin

Home to the few surviving Jews in India, this market is run by them and sells exotic spices, perfumes, shawls and antiques. A must visit in Cochin, if not to buy then at least to soak up a bit of history!

Chor Bazaar, Mumbai

The thieves market in Mumbai is known for all the second hand antiques and trinkets on offer, you can get old movie posters, furniture even artefacts that they claim are from the Mughal ages!! It is said that if you have lost any item you are sure to find it in Chor Bazaar, so why not try that theory out??

A word of advice, these markets are teeming with shady characters and you need to be extra careful of your belongings. How about carrying an anti-theft bag so that you can shop in peace!


Carry this anti-theft backpack from Urban Tribe and shop peacefully!

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