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The Capsule Wardrobe


Do you travel a lot? Or do you have a strong distaste for staying in one place for too long. If your friends tell you that you’re living out a briefcase. We reckon this blog is just the place for you.

Whether you’re a girl or boy, man or woman—if you carry the stuff we’re suggesting before, you’re literally ready for anything life throws at you.

Plus we’ve designed it perfectly so you can send stuff to the washing and be ready with the other pair just in time.

    1. Summery cotton dress: Casual meetings, catching up with friends, lotsa walking
    2. Funky cap: Can’t go tanning up everywhere
    3. Wayfarers: Understated yet smart, if they’re the only pair you’ll have
    4. Pack of tees: Basic colors, pastels, best for roaming with jeans or just to sleep into
    5. Boxers: Roam around, sleep in, perfect!
    6. Little black dress: Can repeat, as many times as you want!
    7. Kicks: Go retro, go suede, amazing to walk long distances while looking awesome with jeans or even dresses
    8. Pumps: Heels as comfortable as you feel only, nothing more, nothing less, should ideally pair up with the LBD
    9. Jeans: Dark blue or black, no rips, no patches.
    10. Jacket: Plaid, wool, with lapels. Great when it’s cold, great for official doo’s
    11. Shorts: The length is up to you!
    12. Shirts: Crisp, wrinkle-free, nice basic colors
    13. Flipflops: With good cushioning and crazy color

Carry On Closet II from Antithesis on Vimeo.


  1. Suit: Charcoal gray or dark blue, two-buttons, fold and forget about it
  2. Socks: 3 pairs, ultra colorful, utterly bashful too
  3. Jeans: Just like the women, dark blue, but steer clear of the black ones (unless you’re of the emo variety)
  4. Chinos: Narrow fit, ending at your heal—brilliant with socks and without
  5. Boxers: Anyone who wears briefs is usually over 60
  6. Pack of tees: Solid colors, short sleeves, well fitted, easily rolled into bagspexels-photo-165831
  7. Kicks: Go for a nice New Balance pair or Asics Retro!
  8. Fedora or cap: Depending on how confident you are. Fedoras can be very douchey
  9. Shorts: Beige or gray, flat and just ending above your knee. Slim fit preferably but loose is fine if you’ll walk a lot in them (but never baggy)
  10. Brogues: They’ll even go with a nice pair of camel/beige shorts. The ultra-versatile pair!
  11. Aviators: Cheesy but unfortunately the only universal thing that makes men look bad-ass.
  12. Shirts: Crisp, wrinkle-free, nice basic colors (yep, just like the women)

This tick a lot of check boxes, and if you use ‘em in the right way, you’ll always have something to wear while something comes back from the laundry.

Think we missed anything? Tell us!

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