6 Nov

The Best Gift For Your Kids –Your Time!


All the dolls and cars in the world can’t replace a child’s greatest toy. You are your child’s greatest toy! It’s very easy to over compensate for our absence in our child’s everyday routine by giving them more toys or feeling guilty and allowing gadget time.

What they really want is us. They want our time. They want to play with us, talk to us, want us to give them attention and make them the singular point of focus.

Quality time is not forced, it’s not when the parent does it as a chore. A child is very perceptive about the parent’s attention and if it is divided they can sense it. A child’s attention is very flitting and the parent might think that they are distracted, it will take them time to channelize their focus but they absorb everything. Speak the language of love and your child will connect with you. You need to be a good listener to your child. Talking too much takes away the focus from them and makes you the spotlight.

You could spend good time with them by helping them clean up their room, keep away their toys, during their bath time, pre bed time or even at the breakfast time. Make it a routine. Read to them. Whisk your stress away by reading to you children about fairies and aliens about princesses and superheroes. It is an enjoyable activity and one that the child cherishes. If you wish to surprise your child, look up our collection of bags with their favourite fictional characters.


Surprise your kid with their favourite Marvel character!

The moot point here is, your child is your responsibility and you need to nurture them with your love, affection and time. This is non-negotiable and very essential!

Happy Parenting to you!!

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