20 Mar

The Best Apps To Keep Your Kids Sharp!


Want to know the best apps for children these days? Which apps will keep your children smart, intelligent and push them to learn something.

Kids should be out and playing ideally and not holed up at home in front of their devices, but given today’s day and age, you cannot keep kids away from mobile phones or iPad’s.

I mean we adults are stuck to our phones for at least 3/4th of the day, so why blame the kids?! Having said that sometimes all you need is for your kid to be quiet, out of your hair and allow you some peace and quiet …so what do you do then, hand them a device and tell them to stay out of your way for a while, simple. I know , there are going to be other mothers hawing and humming on this resolution, calling it a bad parenting choice, I just like to call it a real parenting choice.

The way out of this “mayajal” therefore is to load your device with apps that are fun, friendly and educational. Here are my pick for the top ten apps that you can use to keep your kids busy and entertained.

Fisher-Price Apps

They have quite a few good apps that teach alphabets, numbers, rhymes, shapes and colours. The look of the app is attractive and engaging and kids can’t get enough of it.

fisher price

Image Source: play.google.com

Disney Magic Kingdom by Gameloft

It is an interesting simulation game where the kids join hands with their beloved Disney characters to free the amusement park of Maleficent’s evil spell.

Disney Kingdom

Image Source: disneymagickingdoms.playpark.com

Super Why ABC Adventures by PBS Kids

This app is based on the popular PBS show that helps kids learn their ABC’s. The app teaches them phonics, identifying the letters, making words and much more, a very valuable and helpful app for preschoolers.


Image Souce: scoopnest.com

Team Umizoomi Maths app

With their favourite Nickelodeon characters, the kids learn basic math skills, like identifying, reading and writing the numbers. The can use their “mighty math powers” to solve the given puzzles and have fun along the way.


Image Source: itunes.apple.com

National Geographic World Atlas app

The best app in town to give your kid full and detailed information about a county. There is a trivia section and even a daily quiz, I actually do love this app as much as the kids!


Image Source: nationalgeographic.com

LEGO® apps

All the LEGO® apps follow a simple theme. The kids have to build a vehicle out of different permutations and combinations of given LEGO® bricks, then drive the vehicle through a course and collect coins, when they have enough coins, they can unlock new parts and amp up the vehicle. Simple and addictive.


Image Source: amodularlife.wordpress.com

The Cat in the Hat- Dr. Seuss

This is an interactive book app that allows the kids to explore pictures, learn vocabulary and even read along. A childhood favourite for most of us, this one is a must download on your device.


Image Source: parent24.com

Colorama: Kids Coloring Book

For the artsy kids this one is a must. The picture repository is huge and the kids can change colour combinations for the same picture, which seems to give them a great deal of joy for reasons best known to them! Also, once they finish with a masterpiece the app ensures that there is a round of applause for our little Picasso!

coloring book

Image Source: terapeak.com


A favourite with the linguists, young as well as old. A very easy and interactive app that allows you to learn a language of your choice. If your kids enjoy such activities then go ahead and get this one.


Image Source: estadao.com.br

Feel Electric!

A very important app that I think all parents need to download. This app helps the children put a name to their emotions. There are videos, photos, games and vocabulary related activities which help the kids express their emotions in a very healthy way.


Image Source: prlog.org

So what are you waiting for! Go ahead then, grab your iPads, tabs or mobile phones and download away for the kids! Make them ‘appy!

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