2 Oct

Swadeshi Movement 2.0


The “Make in India” campaign launched by the Government of India is a positive step in terms of making India one of the world’s leading manufacturing hubs.

Ever since the launch of this campaign, the world has taken notice of the potential that Indian manufacturers have and it has been one of the greatest triumphs for our economy.

From creating job opportunities to expanding the GDP, from sustaining livelihoods to fortifying the rupee, the Make in India campaign has certainly put India in a firm position as a truly global economy.

We at TheBagtalk have incorporated this vision as provided by our respected Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and we now manufacture our in house brands in India vis a vis sourcing them from abroad. We have empanelled a few of our brand partners as our manufacturers thus creating a symbiotic working relationship. The other conscious effort that we are making is to use raw materials and fabric that is indigenous. Our vision for our in-house brand is to deliver to our customers locally sourced and manufactured products that can hold its fort in the global market.

To be a part of this movement do check out our stock of beautifully handcrafted bags under the home brand AHR!

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