10 Nov

Surprise Your Kids!


Kids love receiving gifts. There is no two way about that! Sometimes the gift can be an experience. An experience that they will cherish and remember always.

Before you know it they will grow up and no longer be your little babies. Sometimes in all the hectic schedules we all follow including kids, the element of fun and silliness is lost.

Here are some ways to surprise your kids for no reason at all and see them feel all special!

1. Blow up some colourful balloons

When your child is asleep, blow up some colourful balloons and slip them in their room, or do it when they go in for a bath. They will be so excited and happy with all the bouncies around!!

2. Arrange a treasure hunt around the house

 Keep small clues for the kids and let them explore the nooks and cranies of the house and the treasure can be one of their prized possessions.

3. Make up a Special day

 Teddy Bear Day or Doll Day and get your kids to line up their teddies and dolls and have a tea party with them or treat them like royalty. It’ll be so much fun for them!

4. Go out for an ice cream

 Sounds simple, something we used to do as kids but we don’t anymore do we? Pick up your kids from school as a surprise and whisk them for an icy surprise!!

5. Make them a fancy snazzy breakfast

 Put sprinkles in their pancakes, draw faces with ketchup on their eggs so on and so forth. Kids will relish their everyday fare with renewed enthusiasm. Pack in a special message in your child’s tiffin or lunch box. It could be a love note for your baby or a note with stickers of their favourite cartoon character.

6. Get your child the perfect school bag

Bag to carry their yummy tiffin boxes in! Their favourite Disney or Doreamon characters on the bag-face just elevate the happiness quoteint. We have curated some great bags for you to choose for your child.


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