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Summertime Workouts!

Summertime work

So you have been exercising all year for this season, yep summer is the time to show off that rad bod, but to actually work out during the summers, that is another deal altogether.

The weather is hot and humid and the thought of exercising feels just so draining!

I know gym rats would disagree and say that the heat is actually a performance booster for training; you gotta do what you gotta do.


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So how do you maintain your routine without collapsing from the heat?

Stay hydrated. Keep drinking water throughout the day, pre as well as post your workout. Staying well hydrated will help prevent dizziness, stomach cramps, and headaches. Ensure that you drink water every 15 to 20 minutes during the workout session. We tend to lose about 2 to 3% during typical exercise and activity, especially on hot days. Then again be careful not to drink too much water, it’s called overhydration. It can lead to low sodium levels.


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Avoid sports drinks. They should only be considered if you’re of ideal body weight and exercising for long durations at high intensities. Even then, it’s a good idea to dilute sport drinks to avoid excessive calorie consumption. You could drink ice slushies that raises the endurance for a work out by 10 minutes, studies reveal.

Chose the correct regime in summers. Try and avoid the outdoors, especially when the sun is at its peak. Look for indoor workouts and sports. Enroll into a good club, gym or swimming pool. It’s true that everyone wants the same option and the air condition gyms become jam packed with people.



Try and work out during off peak timings. Then again while it is recommended that you head indoors, the thought of stinky sweaty claustrophobic gyms can be off putting. Nothing that beats fresh cool air, so try and head out earlier than usual, take a walk, jog, go to the park and do your exercise there, whatever suits you, it will be far more refreshing.

If you’re near a body of water, water sports like surfing, swimming, and diving allow you to stay cool under water’s refreshing and cooling properties while still keeping you outdoors. You could look at cooler off beat options such as figure skating or ice hockey even! Yoga, aerobics and Zumba are great options to look at too.


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While working out instead of going the whole hog at once, you could split your workout into twice a day. As long as you’re exercising at your target heart rate, the quality of your exercise regimen should not suffer.

Invest in breathable and lightweight gym gear. Clothes that will absorb the sweat easily and pull the moisture away from your body, allowing your skin to breathe so that you feel cooler should be bought. Invest in caps and visors to keep the sun away from your face when you are outdoors.



Most importantly, listen to your body, if it can’t cope with the soaring temperature outside, don’t push it. Look out for dizziness, weakness, headaches, rapid heartbeat, nausea etc. Stop and relax and take it easy if your body sends you these signals. Resume when the body can adapt better to the heat.

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What are your workout tips for the summer?

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