24 Jul

Stylishly White!


There is no fresher color than the color white itself! When in doubt as what color to match with any other print or color, the safest bet is this pristine color. For a lot of people black is their go to choice, but it tends to get a bit too heavy at times. White is more versatile and helps bring out the hues of whatever it is paired with.

There are a lot of times though that people find this color very monotonous and boring. One can break the routine by styling their outfits in such a manner so that this color comes across as chic and classy. You can let it reflect in your clothes or even your accessories to bring in the element of freshness.

Here are ways to wear your white and look super stylish:

Jeans and White Shirt

The most classic combination that there ever was. Wear your best fitting jeans and pair it with either a nice white tee or a smart crisp shirt. You can play around with this look by experimenting with your footwear and playing around with the accessories. Wear boots or stilettos, open toed or ballerina flats, you could take a bright colored scarf, or wear some statement jewelry. Whatever you wear will go with the look so go on and try out.

Blue Jeans, White Shirt

Image Source:artsymphony.com

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White skirts, mini or midi will go with any patterned top. A crop top in a bright print or color will also suit the look. In the alternative, get yourself a white tee if you don’t already own one team it with a patterned skirt. Tartan print or plaids are in fashion. The schoolgirl look needs just a smart cropped blazer in a solid color and you are good to go!

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Image Source: Pinterest

The little pop of color is perfect to bring a zing to your outfit.

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Experiment with pants

With a white top rest assured you can play around with what you wear at the bottom. Jeans aren’t the only comfortable pair of bottoms, palazzos, culottes, shorts are some of the more comfortable ones. You can wear printed, patterned even ones in different fabric and everything will be offset wonderfully by the white.


Image Source: memorandum.com

Shirt Dress

Pull out an oversized white shirt or tee from dad/husband/boyfriends closet, team it with a wide belt which cinches at the waist. There you go, got a new dress for yourself. If the length is a bit short then you could pull on leggings or stocking underneath.


Image Source:shein.com

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Layer it up

White on white on white! Yep, you will for sure look angelic. Just make sure that the shade of white is the same throughout else the mismatch will look odd. Break the monotony with a different color footwear and accessories.


Image Source: Pinterest

So those were some ways to wear the color white, how do you pair your whites??


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