11 Dec

Stressed At Work? 6 Meals For You!


You’ve obviously heard that eating smaller meals is better for you. 6 and not 3 is the perfect number if you want to lose weight and feel less hungry.
There are people who do 18 meals a day too, but they’re either in hospital or soon will be.Don’t listen to them.
For those too lazy to go to a real dietician, the internet is often a great place to play experiments with your body. Since everything on the Internet and WhatsApp is true anyway, we thought let’s play dietician for a bit.
We’re kidding. The following blog was written by a Harvard graduate; we then tore it apart and wrote what we wanted anyway.

We’ve imagined the 6 perfect things to take for an intense work day: where you won’t see the sun, your boss will move into your head, and your spouse will re-open their shaadi.com profile.

These 6 things can be easily carried with

The Wake Up and Run – 8 AM

Clearly that family sitting around in the morning and having breakfast in the cereal advertisement is such a load of tripe. We’ll spare you the trouble. Reality is that you spent hours watching Netflix under the blanket and the final episode bumped you off at 3am. Its 7am now, and officially shower optional time. Easy way to get your nutrition? Freeze some liquefied porridge (fruits, granola, nuts, everything) with a stick in it and you have a yummy breakfast ice cream on the go.

The First Crash – 11 AM

Work is tiring, and regardless of your LinkedIn post about, “Love work love life,” you know you’d rather be sitting at home watching Narcos. Or sleeping.  This is your day’s first pick-me-up. Simply skewer some fruit cheese and crackers (or sandwich them) for box no.2—a yogurt parfait (cool way of saying raita) is great too! You’ll chomp through them while switching between Facebook and that excel sheet.

Lunch but not Lunch – 1 PM

While everyone is getting up like a worker bee to line up for lunch, or simply sitting on their desk to eat.  Don’t behave like them. Sit back for a minute, breathe, and no we are not getting the Raja Maharaja Thali. For lunch keep it simple, roll up sabzi, sautéed veggies, or meat with lotsa green leafy vegetables in rotis (not just wheat, so many grains!), rice paper, naans, and anything else that will stay.

Chai-chai-chai— 3 PM

Box no. 4 is a tricky one. Usually samosas and overtly- buttered masala toasts are making their way with over-boiled chai (10 chamach diabetes wali). Munch on some boiled eggs or grilled tofu sliced thin and baked like chips. A little masala and you won’t miss fried stuff at all.


Can-we-go-home-now? – 6 PM

Govt. officials and fairy tale characters usually leave work at this time. The rest of us are going to be working, or pretending to work (because the boss is doing the same). Either way this is your biggest energy crash coming right up. You want this to be a big chug of protein. So remember to pack a microwavable filet, steak, or chunks of protein with some crunchy veggies to go with it. You can keep changing sauces and proteins and do a whole week simply! Alternatively if you want to feel lighter—simply gorge on a fruit salad (just don’t cut the fruits and pack, keep em fresh).

Maybe we’re home and I’m super-hungry—9 PM

We’re going to assume you haven’t reached home yet, because hey who reaches home before they physically feel like ripping their brain apart. A frozen soup is great for microwaves and will give you energy without messing your system up.You know the best part of all this planning? Yes, obviously your body will feel better and all that. But you can easily take perfectly portioned meals with the amazing Six Pack Bags  and you can take your capsules in style and easily.
We told you a Harvard grad wrote this!

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