30 Nov

Stay Safe, Stay Dry During Monsoons!


Rains are a love-hate thing with most people. They offer filled up dams, drops in temperature, and an excuse to be overtly romantic with your significant other. But with that come the car-splashes, the flooding, the mosquitoes, and of course—losing precious cargo to water!

We at TheBagTalk can’t understand why no company has thought of offering rain insurance yet—probably because they know they’ll be milked dry in one monsoon.

Phones, wallets, laptops, important documents, and even food often take the worst hit from the monsoons. What’s worse—you’re always worried about it.

But you can stall that premature graying by just getting a little savvy—and prepped beforehand for the monsoons. Here’s a few tips, products, and obviously bags to let you bring in some smooth sailing.


Unless you don’t walk at all and have a chauffeur to skim you around town—chances are you’ll get wet. So accept that and be prepared. Also—carrying just an umbrella isn’t the smartest thing either, remember, no form of protection is a 100% safe! 😉 . Get beyond the usual stuff!

Vicious Venom ELEMENTS interactive video from Michael Rush on Vimeo.

Waterproof bags

Usually most bags these days are made from thick polyester and will offer some level of water ‘resistance’ (which isn’t the same as proof). If you’re lucky, it’ll have zip flaps that don’t let the water seep in. But they won’t match up to a serious downpour. When looking for a backpack—ensure it’s a waterproof material and not just resistant.

Waterproof cases

No, that Ziploc being sold on the train for 10 bucks isn’t water resistant either. Yeah it’ll keep the phone dry against a basic drizzle, but nothing more. Get a serious pouch that keeps your phone and wallet dry even while swimming up to a few meters. Usually they’ll have a nice lanyard too so the rains can suck it. You’ll be receiving calls, taking pics, and being fabulous.

Waterproof bag cover

Again, there’s tons of covers with resistance, very few with proofing. You’ll want one that nicely envelopes the bag, leaving little to no gaps when shutting it. Also spread a little cheer with the cover. Don’t pick a black. There’s great neon ones and prints too. The sky can get really dreary—splash some happiness around (also if you’re on a bike, you’ll want to stick out of like a sore thumb to drivers behind!).

Rain suits

Nope, you don’t have to look like a cop, and you don’t even have to look like a child if you decide to don the full rain suit, pants and all. It’s way more practical than a windcheater (because whoever thinks it’s okay for their pants to get wet—usually end up with a few moisture related ailments). Get smart and pick some smart full suits that have breathable meshes on it! If you’re riding, pick a bright color or stick some radium strips on!

So now that you’re a bit ready, try and enjoy the rains yeah? Who knows, one day they’ll bring adventure sports right to your doorstep?

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