25 Dec

Sock It Up – Christmas Gifts For Your Children


You may not dress up in the red Santa suit with white beard, and laugh ‘ho ho ho ho’ in the middle of the night, but Christmas is all about surprising your children with the gifts they’ve been expecting all year, under the little Christmas tree.

The excitement that only the anticipation of Christmas Eve can bring is irreplaceable.

So, here’s what you can gift your little ones and make their day.

1. Books

There is no better way than travelling to a new world, fictional or real, than through the magical transportation of books. It’ll also keep them busy for days.

2. Toy cars

Most kids have a crazy attraction towards the automobile and all you can do is fuel that with miniature ones.

3. Candies

Give them the sugar rush with their favorite candies that you normally ask them to refrain from.


Image Source: puzzlewarehouse.com

4. Stationery

With colorful notepads, sticky notes, pencils and different objects-shaped erasers increase your child’s interest in craft and well, homework.

5. School bag

Make your child stand out from the rest of the school crowd with this extremely cutesy bag that has separate pockets for all his or her needs.

Kids bags-01

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