28 Feb

Social Media Donts

As much as social media has helped people to be connected with each other and everything else going on in the world, it has given way to a lot of people making misuse of it.

I’m sure your others folders are filed with creepy messages. So here’s a guide to how to behave better on social media.

1.If you want to approach someone, do it in a way that doesn’t make you look pathetic. Don’t throw compliments around because that is definitely not going to catch their attention.

2.Don’t comment on random posts to correct grammar of people you don’t know. Humiliating someone won’t get you anywhere.

3.Don’t post your political agendas with baseless and out-of-context facts that may create unnecessary arguments.

4.Don’t tag people in posts that have nothing to do with them. Nobody likes unnecessary notifications.

5.Know the use of hashtags and only use them if they are relevant for you or business.

The social media is a tricky place. While you may not be winning brownie points there, you can still go out and meet people offline. To make the best first impression, carry this bag that will enhance your persona.


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