4 Feb

Smartest Guide to Packing one Suitcase


Are you planning to take just one bag for a trip? This is the only packing guide you’ll ever need for packing a suitcase!
You may be super-organized, you may be ultra-messy. But this is a perfect middle ground! You’ll find everything you need.

You’ll find everything you need fits in the smallest of bags. Clothes, essentials, toiletries, documents, and everything else.Just one bag.

Let’s get to the basics directly!

The Clothes

This is the bread and butter of any packing guide. Unless you’re a mule and you’re packing something else in the bag, this is going to take up 90% of your space. So let’s make it work for you. Socks, inners, napkins: Nicely fold them and compress in a line first. If you have a net zipper this is where it goes.
Now for the base. All the thick clothing like jackets, woollens, towels, etc. that won’t get wrinkled or don’t matter. They’ll give you a firm base for the softer stuff.
Now the pants. Fold them trice, and slip them on the left and right corners. If you have just one pair (not smart), then lay it all over.
Now bring the t-shirts in. They’re best rolled up from collar to end, or folded thrice. If you’d done this right, you should be able to put 5-6 of them in a row.
Now come the shirts. They need to be crisp, and ironed, so keep them on top, with the least amount of space between the shirts and the top of the bag. At best you’ll add your documents on top.


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The Toiletries

Don’t carry all your shampoos, perfumes, soaps in their real bottles. Find a small clear bottle set online, and only fill them up ¾ of the way! Because if it goes into cargo, that zone in the airplane isn’t pressurized! You’ll know sometimes how creams find their way all across your clothes after a flight. It’s terrible.



If this is your only bag, then your chargers, powerbanks (they’re banned on most flights now!), wires, and laptops even will be making their way into the bag too. Get a nice electronics bag organizer, with a top foam cover. It’ll help arrange everything together and keep the shock-absorption going. You’ll be safe and sound and not worry about
the baggage handlers throwing your bag around (because you know they will).

Toilet kit

This is up to you. Whatever little crevices and holes you find inside your bag. Cram whatever else you want.

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