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Slay Your First Day At The Gym!!


Time for making resolutions is around the corner and one of the most common one is to make sure that you loose some weight. A lot of us have memberships at the snazziest of gyms but for a million reasons we never end up going, the top of the list is- laziness.

Shake off the procrastination and buck up. We are going to work out and get into the best shape of our lives!

Here are some hacks on how to conquer you first day at the gym and to ensure that you keep going there!!!

First up get the correct gear. Also, make sure that your gym wear isn’t boring. If nothing else those new jazzy trainers might be the reason you get out of bed and into the gym!!


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Don’t feel self conscious about not knowing what to do and how to start off once there. Ask the trainer if you are in doubt. And remember, everyone is busy in their own workout, no one is looking at you.

Have a realistic goal in mind and share it with your gym instructor. Ask for tips on how to achieve that target and what all you need to do apart from the workout to maintain yourself. Follow the advice religiously.

Do not try to be a hero and do too much on the first day. You might have the power and strength but there is no need to pick up the heaviest weights to prove some sort of a point, it might backfire!

You might feel sore and parts of your body you never knew existed might ache. It’s all a part of the process and it will get better with regular gymming. Do not give up or go intermittently. Make it a part of your routine.

Gear up for the gym like a pro!


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